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A.Kochetkov is a violinist, composer and producer of wide stylistic versatility. He produced such bands as Ajam Quartet, The Wedding Orchestra for Middle Eastern Music and Husam Al-Ali Ensemble. He wrote music for Amos Gitai's films and theater pieces and  toured with the renowned Gravity & Other Myths Circus company. Nowadays Kochetkov develops his solo project 5 String Theory and composes and produces music for various projects.

The city of Kochetkov's current residency Berlin influenced and partly shaped his artistic vision. In his art Alexey aims to create borderless stylistic coexistence and melt together musical elements which usually exist apart. It is especially recognizable in his composer's works, where he applies various techniques to destabilize familiar order and blur boundaries between styles of music. His art aims to escape genre identity, reach a place of heightened sensitivity and bring listener into a liminal state of emotional catharsis.

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