5 String Theory

String Theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. 5 String Theory is an artistic reflection on this concept, expressed through a musical act.

As a project it sets two goals — to develop repertoire for 5 string violin and to explore possibilities of augmentation of violin through the DAW Ableton live.


Warm up Exercises 

for 5 String Violin

I'm happy to share with you some of the famous exercises which I adapted for five-string violin. Schradieck, Kreutzer, Flesch - we probably hated them a little in the music school, but they helped us so much to develop a proper violin technique. As I switched to the five-string violin, I got back to these exercises and played them first on the upper four strings (E A D G) and then on the lower four (A D G C). But I was really missing the same exercises which would go over all five strings. And since there were none that I could find, I started to adapt existing four-string violin études and exercises which I found to be important, for a five-string situation.

For today, I have completed two exercises which focus on scale and the arpeggio movement of the left hand in the first position. The first one is based on the Exercise Nr.6 from H.Schradieck’s book and the second one is based on the Etude Nr.5 from R.Kreutzer’s book. Technically it is a gentle recomposition of the original exercises, which keeps their original purpose while making them playable over all the five strings.

I invite you to download the book and try out these adaptations. There are more to come! However, I will be happy to hear your feedback about the existing ones. You'll find the reach out information in the description of the book.