Alexey Kochetkov

Violinist, composer and music producer, Alexy Kochetkov is fast becoming one of the multicultural symbols of Berlin. Russian-born, Alexey now lives in the German capital, performing Oriental-Arabic music and cooperating with world music artists. Alexey Kochetkov is involved in the following bands and projects: Berlin Oriental Group, Berlin Oriental Qaurtet, Husam Al-ALi Ensemble and “The Wedding Orchestra for Middle Eastern Music.”


Kochetkov’s artistic identity is epitomised by the inter-cultural fusion that his music displays. Alexey believes that by cooperating with musicians from different backgrounds he can not only create great music but also help people to understand each other and make the world a better place.


Since some people might have a particular interess regarding the part of my life which I spent in Israel I have provided a short discritption and put it in my Blog area HERE