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5 String Theory

Alexey Kochetkov's solo project 5 String Theory aims to explore the potential of violin-computer symbiosis and create a repertoire specifically tailored for five-string violins.

His work has been summarized in a performance called 5 String Theory - The Theory of Everything, which premiered on January 23rd, 2023 in Berlin. In this performance, Alexey presents his most accomplished compositions for violin and computer, as well as updated versions of some well-known European classics. The performance is designed to feature guest artists of various disciplines, including dance, circus, acting, and visual art.

Exercises for 5 String Violin

Modern five-string violins became popular around 1960s and since then kept gaining popularity among folk, jazz, pop and rock music players. Till today, there is no didactic material that may facilitate a smooth transition from four to five string instrument. This book of five exercises is the first step to provide such a material to five-string violin enthusiast at the beginning of their way.

Additionally, you can hear Kochetkov’s acoustic five-string violin on both albums of Ajam Quartet.

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